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Pontiac 3 8 Engine Diagram Soft Plugs - This is from a Pontiac 3.8 supercharged Grand Prix, these are the connectors that plug into the PCM, NU3 is an option code for secondary air injection (smog pump) if yours has this you would use the ones with NU3, if not w/o NU3.. I have a 2000 Pontiac grand prix with a 3.8 L NA engine. I have noticed a misfire and replaced all of the coil packs. This didn't help. We removed the spark plug. Apr 26, 2012  · I have 1988 pontiac grand prix se with 2.8 v6 i have 3 spark plugs on the back and 3 on the front i replaced the the spark wire but i dont know what wire gose where in the spark coile this engine is turned sideways in the engine compartment..

Wiring Diagram Data: BMW Wiring Diagram » 2001 BMW 328i Engine Diagram Plugs. 2001 328i Engine Plug • BMW E36 3serie Intake Manifold Removal 1992 1999 Pelican • 2001 BMW 328i Engine Diagram Plug Circuit Wiring Hub • BMW 325i Plug Wiring Diagram Detailed • Photo Diy BMW M54 6cylinder Crankcase Ventilation Pcv 325i • BMW E90 Valve. SearchMake/Engine PONTIAC 3.8L/231 GM V6 Spark Plugs PONTIAC 3.8L/231 GM V6 Spark Plugs. You Have Selected. Display Options. Guided Navigation Display Options. Select the navigation view you prefer when narrowing your search. Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Part Type / Spark Plugs. Remove.. Sep 11, 2010  · Pull a spark plug wire off of a plug and hold with insulated pliers and see if you are getting spark to the plugs. The engine needs air, fuel and spark to run. Check firing order for the wires 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 is the firing order..

Installing the rear galley oil plug with the engine in the car: by Mike Barker: Perhaps you're an ex-Chevy guy like me, or your just a newcomer performing your first Pontiac rebuild, and you committed one of the ultimate Pontiac sins: you forgot to replace the threaded galley plug in the back of the block on the passenger side.. Your Pontiac Firebird is a classic and sleek performance vehicle that turns heads wherever you drive. AutoZone has the Firebird performance spark plugs to keep the performance of your engine up to par with its stylish exterior.. Nov 14, 2018  · 2000 Pontiac Grand Am 3 4 Engine Diagram (Nov 14, 2018) - Thank you for visiting at this website. Here is a wonderful graphic for 2000 pontiac grand am 3 4 engine diagram.We have been searching for this picture throughout internet and it originate from trustworthy source..

Defective spark plugs lead to everything from reduced fuel economy to failed starts, so make sure yours are road-worthy. Our spark plugs are built to withstand extreme pressure and heat inside the cylinder, and they're designed so that deposits from fuel additives don't build up on the plug.. Refill the radiator. Start the engine and let it warm up. Make sure there is coolant flowing. If not, remove and test the thermostat. Boil a pan of water on the stove and put the thermostat in the water.. If you do a lot of cranking and the injectors are pulsing, you may have flooded the engine, check the plugs. You could use a noid lite on the injector plug, crank the engine, if the noid lite pulses, there is voltage and ground at the injector/s. You could probably use an led testlite to check for pulse..

When the engine is cold, remove the big plastic decoration cover on top of the engine (if you have one). Next, carefully climb on top of the engine (hopefully you aren't real big). Once sitting or laying on top, you can easily follow the plug wires to the plugs.. Oiling Systems Part No. Oil Pan Capacity Oil Pan Depth Oil Pan Length Price CAN-15452 6 quarts 8.000 in. 8.000 in. $284.95 ea. Requires #CAN-15401 pickup (3/4” O.D.) for High Pressure Pump #M54DS A Canton Pontiac Road Race Pan for GTO’S A Canton Pontiac Road Race Pan for GTO’S (inside) Part No. Price CAN-15401 $34.95 ea. B Canton Pontiac.

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